Monday, November 27, 2017

A new Buzzfeed article is out! It features my painting as well as 99 other portraits that are worth a look!  

100 Facebook Portraits

I think if Picasso were around today, he'd be painting his Facebook friends. From time to time we have all been inspired by our Facebook Friends. Some of the portraits highlighted on this list are traditional head and shoulders and some are just wild like the portrait of the guy with an octopus on his head! There are over a billion users on Facebook. Here are 100 professional artists who from time to time have found the time to render a likeness of their Facebook friends. Maybe one of these will someday be at an auction. Some have already been exhibited. Follow these artists on Instagram and check out all of their work and maybe you will find one to immortalize you in a portrait. One thing I forgot to mention is that these artists are all members of our very strong PoetsArtists community platform. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Honored to be selected for this article!

Collector's Corner: A Look At What Art Collectors Are Shopping For

For this article the publisher of PoetsArtists asks art collectors to look through new work posted on the Community tab of the platform. The art collectors remain anonymous and give feedback on the works they like from the selections. Please keep in mind that this platform centers on Figurative artworks. In some cases the same artwork was chosen more than once since all the collectors participating were selecting from the same works.

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